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               The German Aces Speak

   Also a History and Military Book Club selection!


Heidi and Adolf Galland signing his biography

This book was a great seller, and is a selection on The Military Book Club and The History Book Club, featuring the full length interviews with Walter Krupinski, Adolf Galland, Eduard Neumann and Wolfgang Falck.

We will soon have the bookplates signed by Oberleutnant Kurt Schulze of JG-5, who wrote one of the forewords to the book, and was a great personal friend of Adolf Galland, who was a great and wonderful man.

See the video link for a new series, where Adolf Galland is featured at the following link:



1989 Video Interview with Knight's Cross, Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds recipient Luftwaffe General of the Fighters Generalleutnant Adolf Galland


Colin and his friend Gerhard Schopfel in 2000. Gerhard was Galland's most constant wingman in the early years and was later a fighter leader and 45 victory ace with the Knight Cross in JG-26

Colin with Wolf Falck at his home in St. Ulrich, Tyrol, Austria in 2001

Colin, Walter and Frau Krupinski, and historian Jon Guttman at the reunion in Strasbourg, France in 1999.

Colin, Heinz Ewald and his son in Strasbourg, France. See Krupinski's interview where he credited his wingman Ewald with saving his life in combat on the Eastern Front on numerous occasions.


Our friend Kurt Schulze, former Luftwaffe bomber and fighter pilot who has assisted Colin along with the late Col. Raymond F. Toliver and Trevor J. Constable over the last 25 years, and wrote the foreword to the book

Kurt Schulze during WW II with JG-5 Eismeer when he was flying with 200+ victory aces and future jet pilots Walter Schuck, Theodor Weissenberger and Heinrich Ehrler


Kurt Schulze (foreground) and Jorg Czypionka signing prints

Gunther Rall, Hermann Boschet, Walter Krupinski

The German Aces Speak is now available as an audio book and will also be released in paperback, along with volume II in 2018.

         The German Aces Speak II



               Erich Hartmann                                Johannes Steinhoff



                           Gunther Rall                                   Dietrich Hrabak

Some of the many letters from Dietrich Hrabak to Colin Heaton over the years


Dieter Hrabak, Hans-Ulrich Rudel, Erwin Hentschel, Adolf Hitler at awards ceremony. Hrabak received the Oak Leaves, Rudel the Swords, and Hentschel the rare Knight's Cross from Hitler personally.


Generalleutnant Gunther Rall and author Colin Heaton in 1999

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