Book Signing Events Book Signing Events Aug. 20, 2010 Jacksonville, NC Colin, Barnes & Noble store manager Melanie Thomas, and Maj. Gen. James E. Livingston at day 2 of the two day event. All books sold out. Great venue. 97265046 Aug. 20, 2010 Jacksonville, NC Same day. Maj. Gen. Livingston, and two other 2/4 Marines from Vietnam, Col. Wayne Morris, and GySgt Rick Zuckerman. For his actions on May 2, 1968, in saving Livingston's (his company commanders's life) Zuckerman is being recommended for a belated Bronze Star for Valor. Well deserved. He also knocked out several bunkers as a corporal and squad leader, securing the flank for his company as well. 97265047 Sept. 11, 2010 Charlotte Nick French and Richard Miller were our police escorts from the Monroe Co. Airport to the book store. Great guys. 98544731 Sept. 11 Charlotte Jim (far left r) and Dana (far right) were our private pilots, and they did a great job getting us to the event and back. Col. West (inside left) flew U-2s during his long career, great man. 98544732 Sept. 11, 2010 Charlotte Here we are with the manager Kerri, nice lady. Had a good time. 98544834 Sept. 11, Charlotte Maj. Gen. Livingston giving a short lecture on the book and Vietnam to the early birds at the signing. 98545633 Sept. 11, 2010 Charlotte As always, some of the "Old Breed" showed up who knew the general. These are always valuable moments. 98545834 Maj. Gen. Livingston and young fan The general had several children and their parents arrive at the Books-a-Million in Columbia, SC. His ability to speak with them in terms they could understand was impressive. He loves the kids. 100941584 Columbia, SC Sept. 25, 2010 Dr. Richard Nuttall , Anne, Sandra and Joe Norcross, Brig. Gen. Stanley V. Hood, Maj. Gen. James E. Livingston. Good people. 100941585 Colin, Anne and Livingston Here we are in Columbia, SC with the display poster. The people were great, and again more veterans arrived to meet him and get a book. 100941587 Greenville, SC Oct. 16, 2010 The general signing books in Greenville Books-A-Million. 103132505 Colin, Sam Davis, Ken Johnson, Maj. Gen. Livingston Ken was an Army Huey pilot during the battle at Dai Do, and Sam was a door gunner along with Wally Nunn. Their story is also in Noble warrior. Brave men, and Sam was shot down. 103132506 Livingston, Johnson, davis and pilots My good friend Dana Delk and his friend Jim were once again our pilots on the trip. They are great guys also, and their support has been outstanding. 103132507 Jerry Bridges, C.D. Heaton Sr, Livingston, Colin My stepfather Jerry, my father Doug Heaton, the general and I at the Greenville signing. 103134645 Maj. Florence, SC Oct. 17, 2010 The general met Dr. Charles T. Muse, a retired Marine Lt. Col. and it was always good to meet fellow Marines. 103138364 Maj. Gen. Livingston and Ladies The general signed a book for the wife and daughters of a military man serving overseas. These are special moments. 103138365 Maj. Gen. Livingston and veteran Another Vietnam veteran arrived for the signing in Florence to meet the general. 103138366 Maj. Gen. Livingston and young fan The general, as usual encountered a young enthusiast, who is a voracious reader. he has a bright future. 103138367 Farleigh-Dickenson University, Oct 12, 2010 Long time friend Albert Wunsch III with a young student and Maj. Gen. Livingston at the school, where the general, Capt. Ben Cascio and SP4 Wally Nunn discussed the book and the battle where they became legends. 104509182 Quantico Nov. 19, 2010 Brig. Gen. Bill Weise, Anne, and Maj. Gen. Livingston at the Museum of the Marine Corps during the reunion and book signing. Great day! 107620952 Globe and Laurel, Nov. 19 The after event rally point was the Globe and Laurel pub and Restaurant. Left to right: Sam Davis, Anne, Ken Johnson, Wally Nunn, Marty Wifholm. Read about these guys in Noble Warrior. 107621224 Globe and Laurel Maj. Gen Livingston, Globe and Laurel owner, Maj. Rick Spooner, and Brig. Gen. Weise. Awesome company. 107622158 Gen. Alfred M. Gray The 29th Commandant Gen. Alfred M. Gray arrived to address the group and sign books. Good to see him again. 107622393 Avators and Livingston The general with the assmbled Army aviators/crews who were at the Battle of Dai Do. Great group. 107622511 Army Contingent Sam Davis, Wally Nunn, Ken Johnson, and Marty Wifholm at the museum. It was great to have them all together. 107623497 Quantico Nov. 19, 2010 Maj. Gen. Livingston and Capt. Dennis Delk, YSAF (Ret.). Dennis and his wife Pam hosted us while there, and he is a great American. His brother Dana is one of our pilots (see previous events) 107628210 Museum Nov. 19, 2010 Anne and Colin at the museum, on the way to the Globe and Laurel! Thanks to Dennis Delk for taking the photo. 107630377 Anne and Jim Rogers Anne and MGYSGT James Rogers. His LP/OP ambush started the firefight at Dai Do. Good man. 107630624 Book signing Anne, Dave Jones, Steve Wilson, and James Rogers sitting at the signing table. We had a lot of people there to sign a lot of books. 107658837 Nov. 21, 2010 Jacksonville, NC GySgt Rick Zuckerman, Maj. Gen. Livingston, Norman Melton, Colin. Zuckerman was one of the two Marines who saved Livingston's life on May 3, 1968. Colin is working with Livingston to see that he gets a long belated Bronze Star. Norman was the man who got Colin into college at UNC-Wilmington. Without him, we would not be signing books. Norm has been a great friend for many years. 107662156 Nov. 21, 2010 Col. John Shafer, his son and Maj. Gen. Livingston. Col. Shafer is the current CO of 6th Marines, and an awesome guy. 109073799 The Crew at Quantico Sam, Anne, Ken, Wally and Marty. Great day and evening, we had a blast! 109074087 Nov. 19, Quantico Maj. Gen. Livingston, Sam Davis, Ken Johnson, Wally Nunn, Marty Wifholm. Red about them, and see their own words in the book Noble Warrior! 109074211 Nov. 21, 2010 Maj. Gen Livingston with LCPL Daniel Garner. Daniel was wounded in both arms in Afghanistan. He is the eptiome of the modern corps, and we wish him all the best. 109074212 Nov. 21, 2010 GYSGT Rick P. Zuckerman, his daughter, son in law and grandchildren with Maj. Gen. Livingston. It was goiod that they could be there. 109075352 Maj. Gen. Livingston and Col. Hal Nelson Col. Nelson was the former Chief of Staff for 2nd Mar Div, and he arrived to share in the event. 109190758 Dec. 7, 2010, Dunwoody, GA Maj. Gen. Livingston (right seated) and Maj. Wayne O. Witter (to his left seated) handled the gathering, books were signed, and some warriors met again, and some for the first time. 109425466 Dunwoody, GA Dec. 7, 2010 This is a great shot of the gathering where Maj. Gen. Livingston joined Steve Wilson, Gregg Sims and Maj. Wayne O. Witter. 109425467 Maj. Gen. Livingston in overdrive The general addressed the assembly, and gave one his usual, very detailed and resounding talks to the collective. Once you hear him, you will see why he is still a warrior at age 70. 109425468 Maj. Wayne O. Witter Wayne and Gregg Sims organised the Dunwoody vent, and they sold about 200 books. Thanks Wayne! 109425469 Greg Sims and Maj. Gen. Livingston Greg was one of the sponsors with Wayne O. Witter during the Dec. 7 event. Greg was a 2/4 Marine in Vietnam and will contribute to the 2nd edition of Noble Warrior. 109737157 Georgetown, SC Dec. 11, 2010 Colin and Maj. Gen. Livingston at the booksigning, where every book left the store. 110513404 Dec. 11, 2010 Maj. Gen. Livingston with Marine ROTC group at the booksignnig. 110513405 Dec. 11, 2010 Maj. Gen. Livingston with a father and son who bought a book. The crowd that came was eclectic, and interesting. 110513406 Dec. 11, 2010 The general and Mike Frederick's daughter. Mike is a police officer, and former Army airborne type, another great guy. 110513407 Dec. 11, 2010 The general and a young fan. 110513408 Dec. 11, 2010 Colin, Paige Sawyer and Maj. Gen. Livingston. Paige took the photos for us, and organized the book signing event. He's a great guy. 110513409