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Noble Warrior Limited Edition Signed with 22 Autographs


These remaining limited edition books will be auctioned on ebay, unless purchased here. The first 20 books have been sold at $100.00, and can be purchased here. All books come with an individually signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

The following military personnel who were at Dai Do in either 2/4, the Navy or the Army have signed bookplates, as well as the authors. We are getting the books together now.

 The signers:

MGYSGT James W. Roger,  BRIG GEN William Weise, GYSGT Rick P. Zuckerman

SGT Frank Valdez,  COL Robert Mastrion,  SP4 Wally Nunn, CPL Steve Wilson, COL James Laney Williams, SP4 Sam Davis, 1 LT Dave Jones,  LT COL George F. Warren,  MAJ. Ken Johnson, Colin D. Heaton,  LT COL Jack E. Deichman, Anne-Marie Lewis CAPT Ben R. Cascio, LT COL Vic Taylor, MAJ GEN James E. Livingston, HMC James E. Swann, COL Jay R. Vargas, CW4 Martin H. Wifholm,  HM1 Lloyd A. Wade.


We hope that those who purchase this pieces of history enjoy the book. Our good friend Albert H. Wunsch III Esq is handling these sales. Contact him at legalweapon3@msn.com to place your order.

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