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The Me 262 Stormbird Limited Edition


This is the same Stormbird , although this limited edition of 100 books will bear the signature book plates of the following pilots. Price raised due the the passing of many of the pilots who signed. We also only have the paperback/softcover version available, all hardcovers are sold out.

The German Signatures

Leutnant JorgCzypionka-Me-262 night fighter pilot with 11/NJG-10, 2 victories in the jet.

Oberleutnant Walter Schuck, Me-109 pilot in JG-5 and Me-262 pilot in JG-7 (8 kills in the jet) with 206 victories, Knight’sCross, Oak Leaves, Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class, German Cross in Gold

Oberleutnant Kurt Schulze, former bomber pilot, Me-109 pilot in JG-5 with 3 victories, Iron Cross 1st Class and 2ndClass, flew with Schuck in the Arctic.

The American Signatures

 Col. Joseph A. Peterburs, 20th Fighter Group, 5 ground kills and 1 air victory (Schuck’s Me-262)

Col. Barrie Davis, 325th Fighter Group, 6 victories

Col. Arthur Fiedler, 325th Fighter Group, 8 victories, 1 probable

Major Urban “Ben” Drew, 6 victories (2 jets in one mission)

Col. Edward R. “Buddy Haydon, 352nd Fighter Group, 1.5 victories (I jet kill, Walter Nowotny)

Col. Clarence E. “Bud” Anderson, 352nd Fighter Group, 15 victories

Barrett Tillman, author, historian

Colin D. Heaton, author, historian

Anne-Marie Lewis, author, historian

We are trying to get Capt. Roscoe also. Book comes with a certificate of authenticity, each numbered to match the book, only 100 will be sold. All net profits go to charity.

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