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Four War Boer Limited Edition


There will be a limited edition of only 50 books bearing the signatures of the authors and the following former Rhodesian Selous Scouts. All profits will be donated to the Selous Scouts Association. The Scouts who signed are listed below:


Chris Gough, Rich Howe, Jim Schneeberger, Mark Forshaw, Clive Wood,  Ralph Hayes, John Davey,  Chris (Stretch) Ferreira and the great support lynchpin of the Scouts, the lovely Marianne Endicott. Also signing is Col. John Roberts, British Army.


Certificates and books will be shipped separately, so place your orders now. The books will be available starting in May 2013. Books shipped insured and with delivery certification.

Add $5.00 USD for domestic shipping, $20.00 for international.


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