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    Hans-Joachim Marseille at Home

Marseille Graduating High School

Marseille on the tennis court back home on leave

                                       Marseille with his Jewish friends in school

Kugelbauer, Marseille, Schroer and Stahlschmidt in Benghazi, Libya

Marseille was the antithesis of the typical German officer. Anti Nazi, anti-racist, humanistic and openly irreverent towards his superiors with whom he disagreed, he became Germany's most unlikely national hero. His story is one of stirring emotion, controversy and enigmatic heroism, and is told by the men and women who knew him.

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Marseille with Erwin Rommel seated in the rear gunner's position a Ju-87B Stuka, belonging to Kurt Kuhlmey. This was during Rommel's first visit to JG-27 where the men all discussed Clive Caldwell's actions of shooting one of their pilots in his parachute. Kuhlmey, then commanding II/StG 3 in Libya was also present. His men also witnessed Caldwell strafing the same JG-27 pilot in question.
Marseille on the Me-109G that he test flew while at Augsburg. On the ground are test pilot Fritz Wendel (left) and Prof Willi Messerschmitt.

Marseille Meets Hitler and the Propaganda Tour

Hitler greeting Marseille at the Wolfschanze to award him the Oak Leaves and Swords

Marseille during his month long recruitment tour

              Marseille at Augsburg
              Marseille on Missions
     A Star Falls: Death of Marseille

The last photos of Marseille taken on Sept. 29, the night before his death

Marseille Funeral

The crash of Marseille's Me-109G4

Ludwig Franzisket removing Marseille's medals from his body with Roedel, Schroer, Stigler present along with Neumann

Marseille's temporary coffin

More Photos of Hans-Joachim "Jochen" Marseille

  Some of Marseille's Love Interests

Nilla Pizzi

Zarah Leander

Leni Riefenstahl

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