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    Hans-Joachim Marseille at Home


                                       Two photos of Marseille graduating high school            



                                        Marseille on the tennis court

Marseille was the antithesis of the typical German officer. Anti Nazi, anti-racist, humanistic and openly irreverent towards his superiors with whom he disagreed, he became Germany's most unlikely national hero. His story is one of stirring emotion, controversy and enigmatic heroism, and is told by the men and women who knew him.

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Above: Marseille (center) with his Jewish friends in school

Above: The Marseille family


         Marseille with his Me-109E4 with LG-2            Marseille with his mother


Marseille and mother prior to his concert


 Marseille displaying his musical skills. Hitler was less than amused

                                                                                  Two portraits of Marseille 


Marseille (2nd from right) with fiancee Hanneliese Kupper during his home leave on his left at the Berlin Palast after the award ceremony



                        His father: Maj Gen Siegfried Marseille                             Back home



Still image from the newsreel of Marseille's Hitler Youth recruitment tour


Above: Two photos of Marseille with fiancee Hannliese Kupper

Marseille and "Fifi" Stahlschmidt

Kugelbauer, Marseille, Schroer and Stahlschmidt

Neumann, Marseille and Redlich

Marseille with Erwin Rommel seated in an aircraft. This was during Rommel's first visit to JG-27 where the men all discussed Clive Caldwell's actions of shooting one of their pilots in his parachute.
Marseille on the Me-109G that he test flew while at Augsburg. On the ground are test pilot Fritz Wendel (left) and Prof Willi Messerschmitt.
              Marseille Meets Hitler


Two photos at the Bahnhoff on his way to meet Adolf Hitler

Marseille after receiving the Oak Leaves and Swords


Photo still from the newsreel of their meeting 


 Photos taken during the ceremony

              Marseille at Augsburg





 Fritz Wendell, Pohs and Marseille during Me-109G test flights.

              Marseille on Missions


Marseille on the cover of the Italian version of The Eagle

Marseille strapping in


Adding victories to Marseille's rudder


         Marseille with his first Blenheim bomber kill

Marseille congratulated returning from a mission and flight to an enemy airfield


Marseille back from a mission                                More victories

Possibly Reiner Pottgen (left) with Marseille


Marseille's rudder with 136 kills


Field Marshal Albert Kesselring awarding the Knight's Cross


                                    Two photos of Marseille after returning from his 5th and final 'mail'                                     flight over an enemy airfield and he would die three days later


Marseille and the men greeting his latest victory


         Marseille discussing a mission        

  Marseille and Me-109 rudder

The men in Benghazi


Marseille after another mission

Marseille congratulated after his second mission of Sept. 1, 1942


After downing four Hurricanes, Marseille points to an enemy 20mm cannon hole

Marseille dismounting after a mission


Marseille describing his 8 kills in a single sortie            Marseille describing a battle


Marseille on a successful return


 Marseille preparing for a mission take off

         Life and War in the Desert

Christening Hans-Arnold "Fifi" Stahlschmidt's new Me-109F4. This was the aircraft in which he became missing in action. He has never been found.

 Marseille walks away after another successful mission

Mechanics clean the 20mm cannon barrel

 Above and Below: Engine repair on a Me-109F and Me-109E respectively



 Marseille driving his Kubelwagen with Werner Schroer in the back


               Marseille exhausted              Marseille after receiving the Knight's Cross


          Matthew "Mathias" Letuku                         Marseille and Mathias


Marseille with Eduard Neumann


Marseille after the telephone call from Field Marshall Erwin Rommel informing him that he would meet Hitler again to receive the Diamonds.


Marseille after another mission


                    Marseille mounts up                          Marseille on the way to meet Mussolini


Marseille congratulated after the first mission on Sept. 1, 1942


        Marseille with the Knight's Cross       Marseille leaves the Maribu Theater


Rommel comes to visit Marseille for a second time


 Marseille in a lighter moment


                 Dettman and Marseille                   Marseille's rudder with 50 kills

                                            Marseille dismounting


                         Marseille and the group after another mission


Marseille after the jeep ride with Werner Schroer and a medic to rescue an enemy pilot Marseille had shot down, who was still trapped in his fighter. The pilot survived, but was wounded. Marseille flew to the enemy airfield and dropped another one of his "telegrams" with their pilot's status .

          Supplemental Photographs


           JG-27 arrives in Libya                        Marseille prior to a mission

Painting the unit emblem on a cowling

The early days of JG-27, the Me-109E and old camouflage scheme 

Weapons maintenance

The effectiveness of the desert camouflage. 

Below is Werner Schroer in his Me-109E4



Ludwig Franzisket in his Me-109F4 


 Left to right: Marseille's last commanding officer, Oberst Eduard Neumann, Colin Heaton, and Generalleutnant Gunther Rall at the Gemeinschaft der Jagdflieger Treffen in 1999 during one of the many interviews


Neumann's famous circus wagon and command post 

     A Star Falls: Death of Marseille


The impact site of Marseille's fighter


                    Marseille's body                             Marseille's funeral service

Ludwig Franzisket removes Marseille's Knight's Cross and other medals


Marseille's coffin

Marseille's grave marker

The funeral procession


The Gemeinshcaft der Jagdflieger memorial in Egypt in 1989


Marseille's permanent memorial which stands today

            Additional Photographs


 Above: The men of JG-27 entering the Marabu Theater

Above: The Me-109F models being sent to Libya

Above: Marseille preparing for a mission

  Above: Espenlaub's fighter after he was shot down. He was killed trying to escape captivity, and the unit took it very hard, especially Marseille.

JG-27 first arriving in Libya enmasse in November 1942. Werner Schroer is at far left with sunglasses on.

Below: The operational map of North Africa


                    Marseille at Large


Marseille in Rome after receiving the Italian Gold Medal for Bravery

Marseille in the sun


Two photos of the smile that melted women's hearts

More Photos of Hans-Joachim "Jochen" Marseille

  Some of Marseille's Love Interests

Nilla Pizzi

The famous Italian singer and performer introduced Marseille to her signature song,the Rumba Azul, among other interesting things.





 Leni Riefenstahl

 The actress and film director was a Hitler favorite, and she was infatuated with Marseille. See her very interesting comments in the book.




Hitler congratulating Leni in 1934


Leni and her film crew at Nuremberg in 1935 with Heinrich Himmler


Josef Goebbels and Leni Riefenstahl


 Zarah Leander

Swedish born Leander was one of the most successful actresses in Europe. She was a Nazi Party favorite, and she once confided to Riefenstahl that Marseille was her "favorite sexy man"



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