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Lost Royal Air Force P-40 Warhawk Found in Egypt from World War II

JG-27 flew against mounting opposition during the Second World War in North Africa. This lost P-40 belonged to No. 260 Squadron RAF, piloted by Flight Sergeant Dennis Copping one of the units that regularly engaged Hans-Joachim Marseille and the men of his Gruppe. See their story in The Star of Africa coming in November 2012. Copping may have been a victim of JG-27's Gunther Steinhausen, who confirmed four Hurricanes and another enemy damaged, which may be this P-40, on June 28, 1941, and we are checking the records now. Copping's body has never been found.


Below: The P-40 as found in the Sahara Desert

Below: Three quarter rear view

Below: The cockpit of the P-40


Below: Fuselage damage probably from German 20mm cannon fire


Below: The manufacturer's data plate


Below: The engine


 Below: The equipment box


Below: More equipment from the wreckage


Below: The gun loading box


Below: The propeller hub and parachute

Below: The left frontal view


Below: Left rear tail section view


Below: .50 caliber Ammunition found in the wreckage


Below: One of the wing mounted 20mm cannons


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