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Norm Hall and his 3/4 scale P-51 Mustang In Progress

Norm Hall was a Marine pilot and later retired from the FBI. He and his wife Judy were excellent hosts during the Camarillo Air Show, and he gave us a tour of his workshop. Once completed, his 3/4 scale Mustang will be painted in the color scheme of Col. Art Fiedler, 8 victory ace with the 325th Fighter Group "Checkertails"

Two external views of the fuselage being built.

      Bottom left: Underneath the fuselage has the air and heating control system assembly. Norm will have climate control.

Bottom right: The rear tail assembly shows the wiring and rudder control mechanisms. The rudder will go on last.


 Below: Norm Hall with his pride and joy, a 12 year project


     Below: The wing assembly with .50 Caliber machine guns and feed belt


        Below Left: The propeller                    Below right: The cockpit


Bottom left: Rear interior cockpit view    Below right: The instrument panel


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