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        Occupation and Insurgency

A few of the men interviewed for the book

See others located at our "Future Books Projects" page, The SS Officers Speak.

These men were interviewed to gather their military experiences, feelings about the war, and many personal facts over the years, strictly as a historical project. There should not be any inference of political leanings or partisan support for their cause or the National Socialists.

 "Do not worry about dying. You must train and fight harder than the enemy who is trying to kill you. Believe me, you will get all the rest you need in the grave." Leon Degrelle


                     SS Brigadefuhrer Otto Kumm                          SS Oberfuhrer Leon Degrelle


     Standartenfuhrer Johannes-Rudolf Muhlenkamp            Sturmbannfuhrer Max Wunsche


SS Obergruppenfuhrer Karl Wolff

See the video documentary and lecture given by Leon Degrelle


   More Images of the Leadership

 Various photos of Leon Degrelle


Degrelle (third from left) taking the oath of allegiance to serve in the German Army on Sept. 2, 1941. He would later be assigned to the Waffen SS and rise from private to brigadier general in three years.

Degree and the men of his 28th Wallonien on patrol through a Russian village on Oct. 6, 1944. His tactical genius and personal bravery, as well as his leadership skills set him apart from most of the foreign Waffen SS commanders. He became one of the best anti-partisan leaders specializing in guerrilla warfare and counterinsurgency operations.


On Feb. 1, 1945 Degrelle and his Wallonien establish a defensive position in Pommerania. Coordinating with the 88mm anti-tank battery, SPGs, tanks and infantry they wreaked havoc upon the Soviet forces, but could not overcome the overwhelming numbers.

Degrelle during his campaign back in Belgium

Degrelle in Paris during his "Anti-Bolshevik Crusade" and Recruitment tour Jan. 1, 1942

Degrelle receiving the Knight's Cross and Golden Combat Clasp in Gold following his breathtaking and grueling defense and breakout from the Cherkassy Pocket in February 1944


Degree receiving the Oak Leaves from Hitler on Aug. 27, 1944. On his left is Obergruppenfuhrer Otto Gille (receiving Swords, later Diamonds) and in the background is Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelain.


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