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Autographed books on history

Don Johns

Don Johns lives near us in Wilmington, NC and is a film music composer. Nice fellow, see his website at www.donjohnsmusic.com 

Aaron's Custom Exhaust

Aaron runs a solid honest business, and we recommend his crew for quality work at an honest price, and they are fast! Consider their servics for all of your auto exhaust needs.

         Southport Animal Hospital

Dr. Bill Rabon, DVM and NC State Senator

 Dr. Rabon and his team are the healthcare providers for our dog Thor (see Thor's page). We highly recommend using their services for your pets.


Our Business Partner for Related Items


Susan Stinerock Photography

                   Marshall Teague

 Actor, Navy veteran, outdoorsman, former law enforcement officer, and patriot Marshall Teague has joined forces with all of our friends in support of veterans projects and organizations.


 Charlton Heston and Marshall Teague


Marshall Teague and Chuck Norris on Mike Huckabee

Marshall Teague and Chuck Norris

 See Marshall's Filmography at the link below

                   Nicholas Trudgian

 '' If I ever stop painting I'll need to find a real job.''

Military artist Nicholas Trudgian is a friend and and business associate, and we kinvite you to visit his website for some of the best aviationand military artwork out there. He has worked with many of the RAF, USAF and Luftwaffe aces who were our friends, creating realistic and exceptional historical and collectible pieces of art.


Go to Nick's website at http://www.nicolastrudgian.com

 Nick Trudgian's The Star of Africa, honoring Hans-Joachim Marseille

                    Sports and Imports (Photo Pending)

Located at 1917 Southport Supply Rd. (Hwy 211), Southport, NC 28461. Tel. 910-457-0809. Rick Weissenfluh and Gary are our mechanics and friends, and we have relied upon them for the last 7 years. Whether you are a local, or on vacation, and you need honest, quality automotive work by a trusted business, we recommend Sports and Imports, especially for your European models.


                        Primal Safaris

Chris "Stretch"Ferreira



Chris "Stretch" Ferreira during a hunting safari. Stretch is a former  Selous Scout (see the Selous Scout Page and he is also on Facebook. He also joined the other Scouts in supporting Wounded Warrior Project. Go to his facebook page and inquire further.

                       Nhoro Safaris

Chris Gough


 Chris Gough is a also a former Selous Scout officer who operates his hunting safari business. Great guy as well. Inquire further at his website www.nhorosafaris.com regarding safari opportunities.


                                  Cape Fear Jewelers


Located in Downtown Southport, near the waterfront. Ken and his crew at Cape Fear Jewelers are downtown in Southport, at the end of Howe Rd/Hwy 211,near the waterfront. We recommend them for your jewelry needs, gifts and repairs.

                                      Michael Cutler


Michael Cutler is a retired federal agent, who has worked with several agencies, including counterterroism. Most of his work is still classified. He is a great intellect and patriot, and we are proud to have him as both a friend and a professional colleague.

Mike does many TV and radio shows, and he is a very good source of insight and information. Join his mailing list and get updates on current events, immigration and organized criminal activity in the country, as well as hie unique and authorotative perspectives on all of these subjects and more.

Mike often writes articles on http://www.michaelcutler.net/, of which he refers to as his "Hi Gang" articles. This page serves as an archive for these articles. You can either view the archive by month or look at the last 20 posted articles. Alternatively, search for any text you are interested in using the search box.Contact him at http://www.michaelcutler.net/ 

See Mike's interview with Megan Kelly on Fox news below


Mike at the 2013 Tea Party Convention




On July 15th, 2013 Mike addressed the DC March for Jobs that was sponsored by the Black American Leadership Alliance.

I often like to say that “Democracy is not a spectator sport!”  It was terrific to join thousands of our fellow Americans from far-flung cities across America, of every race, religion and ethnicity to make our opposition to Comprehensive Immigration Reform known- I hope that this will be the first of many instances where our fellow Americans stop being spectators and begin to be participants in the democratic process! Here are two links to YouTube videos of his peech as well as a photo taken at the event. 
                    Robert Bailey (Photo pending)

Robert Bailey Prints/Aviation Artworks

Please visit Robert's website at either of the following website locations www.oldgloryprints.com/Bailey.htm and also at www.baileyprints.com/  and take a look at his great collection of artworks. We thank him sincerely for assisting with the book project, allowing us to display his prints on our website, where we are also donating to the two charities with the 100 limited edition books signed by the pilots.

            The Dubliner Irish Pub (photo pending)


Tommy and his family own and operate The Dubliner, which is, in our opinion, the only real Irish pub in the Wilmington area, despite others laying claim to that fact. They are located at 1756 Carolina Beach Rd, Wilmington, NC 28401. Tel. 910-343-8342 (He has cold Guinness)

For those of us who love world football (yes, that's soccer to Americans), Tommy has all the English Premier League and European league games on live. Tommy, although an Irishman, is a Liverpool fan.

Colin supports Manchester United, but they still get along very well despite the century old rivalry between the clubs. Stop by, have a pint, meet the locals, and have a good time. Great pub, great people, highly recommended even if just passing through.

                      Mark Forshaw

Former Selous Scout and Business Friend.


                                Col. Joseph A. Peterburs


Check out Joe's website at http://www.joepeterburs.com/ and look around, and definitely check out the online shop and other interesting things.

Col. Peterburs had a colorful career, from flying P-51 Mustangs in Europe during WW I (and shooting down our mutual friend Oblt. Walter Schuck in his Me-262), to service through the Vietnam War. However, joe's family history is also intriguing.

Excerpt from “My Memories” book.


Although my Dad had told me that I had some cousins in the Luftwaffe, the information was sketchy at best.  In 2002 I was contacted by a Luftwaffe officer/researcher who had detailed knowledge and documentation on two of my second cousins who were Luftwaffe fighter pilots.


             Hans Peterburs Knights Cross            Final Entry Log Book                  


Final Entry Log Book continued

 Hans’ Log Book with Unit Assignments

He provided the following information: John Franc Peterburs had two sons Johannes and George.  Johannes had seven children and George had ten. The sixth child of Johannes was Johann and two of his sons, Hans and Heinrich “Heinz”, were Luftwaffe Fighter Pilots during WW II.  One of George’s children was a son named Wilhelm Bernard.  Wilhelm immigrated to the United States in 1906, was married in 1910 and had nine children one of whom was a son named Joseph Anthony.

He became a Fighter Pilot in the United States Army Air Corps and fought over the skies of Germany during WW II.  Hans started his flying career in December 1936 and flew mostly night fighters during the war.  He flew extensively during the “Battle of Britain” achieving most of his aerial victories during night operations.   

On 25 November 1942 after 220 combat missions and 18 aerial victories he was awarded the Knight’s Cross.  He is also credited with a good number of tanks.   On the 11th of January 1944 while flying his L.G. 190-3 “Yellow C” over Tommaso, Salerno, Italy he was shot down and killed by a Spitfire.

Heinrich “Heinz” Peterburs was a fighter pilot with about 300 missions and 22 unconfirmed aerial victories.   “Heinz” was flying his Bf 109 G-6  and was engaged in a “dogfight” with American Fighter Planes near the small city of Töttelstedt north west of Erfurt on either the 7th or 8th of April 1945.  Eyewitnesses of the “dogfight” tell how “Heinz’s” 109 had a large part of its wing ripped off and crashed into the earth at a steep angle. The inhabitants of the village found the canopy from the German fighter on the east side of the village. This meant that the pilot tried to bail out but due to the low altitude he was unable to escape from his aircraft and smashed into the ground.

In 1989 after West and East Germany became united again the East Germany became more accessible for salvaging groups who researched such fates of war. One such group located the remains of “Heinz” and his Bf109 on the 30th of August 2003.  During the excavation every small piece of dirt taken from the salvage site was examined thoroughly Soon the first human remains were found and thereby it was concluded that the pilot was still in the machine.  From the rubble it was concluded that the plane was a Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 and gradually indications were found about the pilot. A ring, “wings”, an Iron Cross 1st class and something that was very important was found, the Identification disk. All the remains of the pilot were put into a coffin and placed in the mortuary of the town for keeping.  From the information that was found on the identity disk the WAST (German war archives) determined that the remains were Oberfeldwebel Heinrich Peterburs (born 18th of March 1916).  On the 22nd of November 2003 Heinz was buried, with military honours, at the War Memorial at Hoetzelio   On 7 April 1945, the Luftwaffe’s suicide unit Sonderkommando Elbe despatched 183 Me-109s and Fw-190s against the American heavy bombers.  JG 7’s Me 262s were tasked to escort the suicide pilots, but were unable to protect them against the swarms of Mustang and Thunderbolt fighters which attacked from all directions.

More than 800 US fighters were in action. In one of the last major air battle between the Luftwaffe and the US Air Force 133 German piston-engine fighters were lost, with seventy-seven pilots getting killed.  It was an absolute tragedy. This sacrifice resulted in the destruction of seventeen heavy bombers – seventeen out of twelve hundred!   

I too flew missions in that area every day from the 30th of March to the 10th of April 1945 and it is conceivable that both “Heinz” and I were in the same airspace at the same time.


Paul Frederick Peterburs

                                Col. C.E. "Bud" Anderson


 Old Crow Website

Col. Anderson has a great website linked to the 357th Fighter Group Association. Look it up and explore the treasures conatined within. Go to http://www.cebudanderson.com  and explore the realn of a true American hero.

                The Ruptured Duck

 Worldwide Militaria, Uniforms and Collectibles

Bill Shea
51 Morgan Road
Hubbardston, MA 01452 USA
Phone: (978) 928-4495 
(Monday through Friday 8:30AM until 4:00PM, other times by chance)
Fax: (978) 928-5278
24-Hour Hotline for
(978) 928-4158


                       Friends of the Medal of Honor Grove

They are located on Facebook and at www.friendsmohgrove.org. Wally Nunn, Maj. Gen. James E. Livingston, Melissa Livingston Farkouh, Col. Walter Marm, and many others are the caretakers for the Medal of Honor Grove in Valley Forge, PA. Please look at their site, see what they do in remembrance of all veterans.

         Sir Ernie Hamilton Boyette



Sir Ernie Hamilton Boyette's aviation artworks and his contacts with the many famous aviators makes him an invaluable person to work with. He and Colin covered the same ground with the same aces over the years, and we hope to establish a long working relationship. See his official website with his story and his contacts in the aviation world, to include the famouns pilots at http://www.aviationartstore.com/ or email him at the following address: aviationartstore@peoplepc.com

                             Valor Studios

Bob, Erica, Bryan and Adam Makos own Valor Studios, a family owned business (yes they built it), honoring our veterans, and the veterans of all nations and conflicts by supporting the artists who create the great artwork that results in the prints these great men sign as limited editions. They are a featured partner and we are proud to join them.In case you are curios, we are still waiting for Adam to send us a photo. See their website at http://www.valorstudios.com

The Band of Brothers veterans with Bryan, Adam, Erica, and Bob Makos, during Valor Studios' Military Appreciation visit to Fort Campbell, KY, home of the 101st Airborne Division, where Colin was stationed for a year.

Left: Bob Makos, Erica Makos, (right) a 325th supporter, (far right) Art Fiedler

                House of  Gutenberg                                                                                    


Cy Stapleton


Cy Stapleton is a collector, publisher and writer and a good friend for many years. Check out his website for authentic autographed memorabelia and historical artifacts at http://www.hotlinecy.com   At the age of 78 he is attempting to retire and find a new home for his inventory. Included are numerous displays of excavated Civil War relics, eight large ring binders of Medal of Honor autographs dating from the Civil War, eight large ring binders of Knights Cross signed photos, as well as binders of Victoria Cross recipients, Navajo Code Talkers, Doolittle Raiders, Aces, and signed 1st edition books.   Contact: Cy Stapleton PhD - Box 151107, Lufkin, Texas 75915-1107 - (936) 676-6375 or email him at info@cytreasures.com  

         Otto Carius' Tiger Apotheke


Otto Carius

          Otto Carius at this pharmacy in Germany, established 1956

Besides being a legendary Tiger I commander with the Knight's Cross and Oak Leaves, he was also an author. His book Tigers in the Mud is must reading. Colin first met him in the 1980s, and Otto as a very nice man.He passed away on January 24, 2015. RIP.

Email:  kontakt@tiger-apotheke.de

Contact information: Website for ordering signed books

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