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Insignia of the Selous Scouts

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Above: The Scouts (left to right) Rich Howe, Ralph Hayes, Chris Gough, Mark Forshaw, Chris "Stretch" Ferreira, Clive Wood, Jim Schneeberger

Jim Schneeberger (the man) during the arduous selection course in 1978 

Above: The Selous Scouts at parade (Courtesy of Lt. Chris Gough)

In Memory and Honor of Lt. Col. Ron Reid Daly

Anne and Colin attended the reunion of the legendary Selous Scouts from 11-12 August, 2012. Jim Schneeberger and Marianne Endicott hosted the event, and it was a great time for us personally. The men were great as were their ladies, and the Scouts agreed to sign the 100 bookplates each for creation of the limited edition of our book due out in 2013 with Casemate Publishing, tentatively titled Four War Boer: The Life and Century of Pieter Arnoldus Krueler (working title).

The Selous Scouts are the immediate descendants of men such as Krueler and others, who learned bush warfare and survival during the 2nd Anglo-Boer War and World War I in Africa, passing those skills on through the decades. Some of the Scouts live in the USA and they own their own businesses. See their business ventures at Our Business Friends page.

The Scouts were created by the legendary late Lt. Col. Ron Reid-Daly, and they were the most successful special operations and counterinsurgency anti-terrorist unit in military history given their short lifespan, and their incredible loss to success ratio. Follow this webpage for more information. There are great books on the Scouts, and we have posted few on our Selous Scout page here (see Selous Scouts Honor Page). Honor the men by reading their history. There is much to learn.

The Selous Scouts Association website link is below:


Following World War II the world was divided into two primary camps; free nations with democratic ideals, and the communist world, hoping to envelop the world in darkness. The Cold War was not so cold in places such as in Vietnam, but on the African continent, it was a raging inferno lasting nearly five decades. 

Standing virtually alone in combating communist inspired proxy wars in such places as Mozambique, Angola, The Congo (Zaire), Central African Republic, Northern Rhodesia (modern Zambia), Tanzania, Uganda, and other post colonial locations, the two primary nations of Rhodesia and South Africa were the only factors preventing communist domination of the entire continent.

One of these elite units was the Selous Scouts, named for the famed legendary soldier and adventurer Frederick Selous. Their training was ruthless, their missions top secret, their men hand picked, their success legendary, and their legacy is freedom.

Although lasting less than twenty years, the Scouts had the best  operational record in military history, losing forty men on operations, while eliminating thousands of insurgents and pretenders to totalitarian statehood.

We salute them here and honor them always.The Selous Scouts have joined us in supporting the Wounded Warrior Project, so look for the limited edition of 100 signed books with certificates pertaining to the life of Pieter Arnoldus Krueler, courtesy of the Scouts themselves.

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