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 Speech Writing

Along with with writing historical books and articles, we at Heaton-Lewis Books also provide speech writing, proof reading and other editorial services. This has been a service that we have provided for the last several years. We service CEOs, politicians and military members who need factual, well-researched and well written, poignant speeches.

Our client list is distinguished and international. We also keep our general client list confidential, and we handle large and small political and social events, as well as providing speech writing for companies, individuals, executives, and other venues.

We prefer to work under the standard scale, which ranges from charges per minute, to charges per hour, as well as speech writing on contract retainer. Military and veterans events either receive a negotiated discount, or they must submit proof of donation to one of our established charities, or the charity of their choice, as long as it is military or veteran related. No exceptions.

Please remember that 10% of our net is donated to charity at the end of the fiscal year, which is after operating expenses.

We have the following requirements from clients regarding information we deem critical for the successful completion of written speeches:

1-Type of event/venue, such as civil service, retirement, dedication, commemoration, or memorial.

2-Names, ranks, titles of any dignitaries, VIPs, special persons to be mentioned, and why.

3-Length of the speech to be given in minutes.

4-Date and location of the event, and if possible, the number of attendees. This allows us to better understand the emphasis of the speech and set the proper tone for the event.

Please contact us should you require our services, as we are here to assist in any way possible, and make your event and speech an event to remember.



We will review your written work, such as manuscripts and theses/dissertations for historical accuracy, structure, and citations for a fee depending upon the type and size of the work. We limit ourselves to the fields of history, political science, sociology, historical novels, and international relations projects.

Fees are subject to the length of the project and any associated deadlines. Please inquire if you need assistance.

Call 843-568-5434 or email us at cdheatonii@aol.com 


Tutoring Services

Colin provides tutoring services for students of all ages and grades, from grade school through university level. The areas include history, English writing and Composition, geography, historical research and non fiction writing, proper study methods, and examination preparation.

Working as a tutor in Scotland at the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde, and teaching as a guest lecturer at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Cape Fear Community College, Campbell University Camp Lejeune Campus, and finally becoming a professor in history, sociology and writing at American Military University. Colin has cultivated many students who have in turn become educators, military officers, federal agents, and published authors.

The rates vary according to the nature of the requirements, age and grade level of the student, and the distance traveled for tutoring. All tutoring takes place in the home of the student, and only when at least one parent or guardian are present. Contact us should you be in need of our services.

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