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The Me-262 Stormbird
New Addition to both the Military and History Book Clubs

See the video below of the first time the Me-262 (two seat version), P-51 Mustang and Supermarine Spitfire fly together in an air show formation


Eighth Air Force Gun Camera Film of Me-163B and Me-262 Kills


Flying 1/3 Scale Me-262A1


Walter Schuck and Gunther Rall with the Me-109G-6

Walter Schuck with Lassi Eskola of Koala-Kustannus with a Finnish Air Force Me-109G. Koala published The Star of Africa in Finland

Walter Schuck (JG-5, JG-7) 206 victories, 8 kills in the Me-262 jet fighter.

Oberleutnant Walter Schuck joined the Luftwaffe in 1937. He scored his first victory while with 7./JG­-5 based at Petsamo on the Polar Sea. On June 5, 1942, he shot down 4 Russian fighters. His rate of victories increased steadily. During March 1944, he downed 7 Boston bombers and by April had 84 victories. By the end of the war he scored 206, the last 8 in the Me-262. He wrote his autobiography (see Our Author Friends page), and he is selling book plates to those who wish to have them. Contact Colin at cdheatonii@aol.com for details. 

Above: Kurt Schulze, Colin, and Jorg Czypionka during the interview in California. Kurt was an excellent host, and Jorg was an invaluable interview source. Great men both of them. Colin was hired by Vulcan Productions to produce a segment on German jet combat in World War II. We brought in Jorg and Harald Bauer, two of the last surviving Luftwaffe jet pilots of the war. See http://www.nbclearn.com/courage

Above Left to right: Knight's Cross holder, fighter ace and JV-44 Me-262 pilot Hans-Ekkehard Bob, Colin, Jon Guttman and Knight's Cross ace and Fw-190 pilot Hugo Broch at the reunion in Germany in 1999.

Below is Walter's own autobiography that covers his career in the Luftwaffe, and details his own experiences with JG-5 and JG-7 flying the Me-109 and Me-262 respectively.

 The M-262 Schwalbe/Stormbird Story

Our latest book on the Me-262 jet, complete with interview excerpts with German and Allied pilots is now available on Barnes & Noble, Zenith Press and Amazon websites. See the stories of Germany's most decorated pilots who began their war fighting in the piston engine age and finished in the jet age, and their Allied opponents in their own words. 

The Me-262 Stormbird, is the history of the Me-262 jet, as described from the first person viewpoints of almost two dozen German jet pilots and a like number of Allied aces, also with specific comments from Allied pilots who flew against them, all from Colin's interviews and archive research, with support from noted historians Jon Guttman and Barrett Tillman. One of the forewords is written by Me-262 pilot Jorg Czypionka, a fine gentleman and good friend.



This book is now released in paperback and the limited edition copies will be sold with bookplates signed by the various pilots when available, with each book accompanied by its own numbered certificate. Unfortunately customer may have to purchase their hardcovers on the secondary market and ship to us for the bookplates to be inserted.

On June 15th Walter scored 6 more, and on the 17th, 12 more victories in 24 hours! By August he had 150. Later in the war he flew the Me­262 jet with JG­-7. He shot down four B-­17's and four fighters in the Me-262, with 8 victories total in the jet. His final score was 206 confirmed aerial victories. Awards include the Iron Cross 2nd and 1st Classes, German Cross in Gold, and the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves.

Below is a video tribute to JV-44 and the Me-262 story and the men who flew it in Galland's Circus.


Video link tribute to IV./JG-7 in CGI. Sorry for the music, not our creation.


Me-262 CGI creation as a tribute


Me-262 project with wartime footage and current video of flying models


Me-262 two seat flying project along with single-seat Schwalbe


 The Recent Addition to Restored Warbirds : DeHavilland Mosquito


 The Race for the Jets


Von Ohain and the Me-262 Powerplant


Georg-Peter Eder and III./JG-7 in one their most most successful anti bomber missions  during WW II in CGI


Below: The Me-262 A1 pictured below is on display at the National Air and Space Museum, at The Smithsonian Institution. This original was flown by several pilots, including Georg-Peter Eder, Heiner Haeffner, and Theodor Weissenberger, and is in the colors of III./JG-7. Read about the men who flew in and against this iconic fighter in The Me-262 Stormbird, with their own first person comments and interviews.

The Artwork of the Me-262 and The   Luftwaffe Pilots in Action

Below: Robert Bailey's painting Dawn Intrusion shows Walter in Yellow 1 after take off, pursued by Mustangs, as he and the men of JG-7 were ambushed on their own airfield in February 1945 by American fighters.

Above: 1st Lt. Earl Lane scores a jet kill, by Robert Bailey

Robert Bailey's Escort Fury, Oberleutnant Walter Schuck of JG-7 has just scored his fourth B-17 kill of the mission, his eighth in the jet fighter, and his 206th of the war. Capt. Joseph A. Peterburs of the 20th Fighter Group ends his career, shooting him down on April 10, 1945. After the war they became great friends.

Above: Keith Ferris' painting, Nowotny's Final Encounter, depicting the event over Achmer on Nov. 8, 1944, when 1st Lt. Edward R. "Buddy" Haydon of the 357th Fighter Group surprised Major Walter Nowotny, the 23 year old Kommodore of his own operation jet unit, Kommando Nowotny. See the details of this encounter in the Me-262 Stormbird, from the perspectives of Haydon, Adolf Galland and Georg-Peter Eder, who all witnessed the event.

Buddy Haydon in his P-51D "Lady Nelda"

Above: Buddy Haydon describing the encounter during an interview

Above: Leutnant Jorg Czypionka of 10./NJG-11 scores a night victory over a RAF Mosquito, by Robert Bailey. See Jorg's story in The Me-262 Stormbird, and order your signed copy today! Remember, we also have the Limited Edition books with signatures of six American P-51 Mustang two German jet pilots, and one Me-109 pilot.

Jorg Czypionka who flew the Me-109 and Me-262 as a night fighter

The Germans Featured in The Me-262 Stormbird

Major Georg-Peter Eder had 78 kills, with 36 four engine bombers. He received the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves. He was shot down on 17 occasions and wounded 14 times.
Major Erich Hartmann trained in the Me-262, scored 352 confirmed victories in the Me-109 receiving the Knight's Cross, Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds. He spent over ten years in Soviet gulags after the war.
Major Gunther Rall scored 275 victories and trained in the jet. He retired as a Lt. Gen. in the West German Air Force and was a NATO command and Staff officer.
Lt. Col. Johannes Steinhoff scored 176 victories, survived his burning jet crash and retired as a Lt. Gen in the post war German Air Force and was NATO Air Commander for the Bundesluftwaffe. He earned the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords.
Major Hans-Ekkehard Bob received the Knight's Cross and flew the jet in the last weeks of the war, scoring 60 victories in total during the war.
Col. Hajo Herrmann created the Wild Boar (JG-300) and scored 9 bomber kills at night flying the Me-109 and Fw-190, after a great career as a bomber pilot, where he sank over 70,000 tons of shipping.

From the Spanish Civil War through the last day of WW II, Hajo earned the Night's Cross, Oak Leaves and Swords. After he created JG-300 he evaluated the Me-262 as a night fighter. He spent over ten years in Soviet gulags. He later became one of Germany's most successful attorneys.

Major Kurt Buehligen received the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords for his career as a fighter pilot. He shot down 112 aircraft. He was also in fight school with Hans-Joachim Marseille and Werner Schroer.
1st Lt. Jorg Czypionka was an instructor pilot who became a night fighter pilot in the Me-109G, and later in the Me-262 jet. He scored a Mosquito kill near Berlin.
Lt. Gen. Adolf Galland scored 104 kills, starting his career in Spain. At age 32 he was one of WW II's youngest generals along with Maj, Gen. Dietrich Peltz, and commanded his own jet unit, JV-44. He received the Knight's Cross, Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds.
1st Lt. Adolf Glunz scored 71 kills (19 four engine bombers) and earned the Knight's Cross, and finished the war with Walter Schuck in JG-7.
Col. Walther Dahl scored 128 kills ( 32 confirmed and 6 probable heavy bombers) and earned the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves. He checked out in the jet and also tested captured Allied aircraft.
Sgt. Hermann Buchner is credited with 46 tank victories and 58 aerial victories, including 12 while flying the Messerschmitt Me- 262 jet fighter, receiving the Knight's Cross.
Captain Walter Krupinski scored 197 kills and was awarded the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves. He retired as a Lt. Gen. from the West German Air Force in 1975, his last flight being in the F-15 Eagle.
Major Walter Nowotny scored 258 kills, his last three in the jet on the day he was killed by Buddy Haydon. He received the Diamonds to the Knight's Cross.

Rare signed photo of Walter Nowotny upon finishing Gymnasium (high school) just before he joined the Luftwaffe. Courtesy of his brother Lt. Rudolf Nowotny.

Major Erich Rudorffer scored 222 kills and had 12 in the jet, and he shot down 10 heavy bombers. He received the Oak Leaves and Swords.
Major Wolfgang "Bombo" Schenck was a bomber pilot who flew the Me-262 as a ground attack pilot, earning the Oak Leaves.
1st Lt. Walter Schuck scored 206 kills and ended the war in the jet with 8 victories in the Me-262, earning the Oak Leaves. Joe Peterburs shot him down on his last mission of the war.
Major Wolfgang Spate scored 99 kills, and was also the commanding officer of JG-400 which flew the Me-163B Komet. He earned the Oak Leaves.
1st Lt. Franz Stigler flew with Marseille in Africa and scored 22 kills, but would have had 23 and the Knight's Cross had he not saved the B-17 Ye Olde Pub. He later flew jets with Galland.
Major Werner Roell earned the Knight's Cross as a Stuka ground attack and tank busting pilot who later flew jets with Galland's JV-44.
Col. Hannes Trautloft started his war in Spain, and ended WW II with 54 kills and the Knight's Cross. His greatest claim to fame (long after his death) was his saving 164 Allied airmen scheduled for execution at Buchenwald. His humility was astounding indeed.
Major Wilhelm Reinert destroyed 174 enemy aircraft, 16 tanks, and 6 locomotives. He earned the Oak Leaves and Swords and retired as a post war Lt. Col. from the West German Air Force.
Hajo Herrmann with Colin Heaton in 1998 during one of their many interviews at Hajo's home in Duesseldorf.
Col. Edward R. "Buddy" Haydon signing his bookplates for The Me-262 Stormbird Limited Edition.
Joe Peterburs and Walter Schuck together, and they became the best of friends despite Joe shooting down Walter's jet, forcing him to bail out.
Urban L. "Ben" Drew holds up two fingers for the two Me-262 jets he shot down in one mission, and witnessed by Georg-Peter Eder. The two became best friends after the war.
Buddy Haydon describing the event on Nov. 8, 1944 when he forced 258 victory ace and Diamonds holder Major Walter Nowotny into the ground. See the full story in Stormbird.
206 victory ace (8 in the jet) Walter Schuck signing his bookplates for the Me-262 Stormbird Limited Edition.
   Pilots from the Me-262 Stormbird

BGEN Robin Olds

Lt Gen Johannes Steinhoff

Major Georg-Peter Eder

Lt Gen Gunther Rall

Col. Erich Hartmann

Col. Hajo Herrmann

Major Urban L. "Ben" Drew

Col. Lee Archer

Gen. James H. Doolittle

Gen. Curtis E. Lemay

Col. Edward R. "Buddy" haydon

Lt. Gen Benjamin O. Davis

Lt. Jorg Czypionka

Col. Francis S. Gabreski

Lt. Gen. Walter Krupinski

Col. Walker "Bud" Mahurin

Col. Joseph A. Peterburs

Major Erich Rudorffer

Lt. Col. Wolfgang Schenck

Lt. Franz Stigler

Maj. Gen. Hannes Trautloft

Major Wolfgang Spate

Lt. Walter Schuck

Major Hans Ekkehard-Bob

BGEN Charles B. Yeager

Lt. Gen. Adolf Galland

Col. Arthur Fiedler

Col. Robert S. Johnson

Major Walter Nowotny

Sgt. Herman Buchner

Capt. Roscoe Brown

Col. Charles McGee

Also a History and Military Book Club selection!

You can also order from other locations around the world, such as www.waterstones.com and from other locations such as Zenith Press direct at www.zenithpress.com or order from us, where we will sign them for you. We will also have 100 limited edition copies signed by the pilots and authors Colin D. Heaton and Anne-Marie Lewis. Check for availability.


Limited Edition of 100 Me-Stormbird Books

We will have signed bookplates from Urban L. "Ben" Drew, Walter Shuck, C.E. "Bud" Anderson, Barrie Davis, Kurt Schulze, Joseph A. Peterburs, Arthur Fiedler, Edward R. "Buddy" Haydon, Jorg Czypionka. All outstanding men assisted for the limited edition of 100 books for charity.

Contact us for ordering signed German Aces Speak or the Me-262 Stormbird books (including the limited edition) and allow about 10-14 days for delivery once we receive your order. We will sign them, add the bookplates in the limited editions, print the certificates, and please stipulate if you wish to have any personalized inscriptions. Certificates numbered for each book will also be included, just as with Noble Warrior.

The Limited Edition of 100 books has signed book plates from the aces themselves, with certificates of authenticity specifically numbered matching each numbered book.

See also the personal stories and the history of the jet fighter (in their own words and reports) by Buddy Haydon, Joe Peterburs, James Doolittle, Curtis Lemay, Adolf Galland and Georg-Peter Eder (witnesses to Nowotny's death), as well as jet pilots (and conversion trained pilots) Walter Krupinski, Walter Schuck, Hermann Buchner, Franz Stigler, Ben Drew, Robin Olds, Chuck Yeager, Wolfgang Schenck, Hajo Herrmann, Erich Hartmann, Hans-Ekkehard Bob, Gunther Rall, Erich Rudorffer, Jorg Czypionka, Johannes Steinhoff, Gunther Rall, Hannes Trautloft, and many others in the new book The Me-262 Stormbird.

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