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Luftwaffe Ace Walter Schuck
July 30, 1920-March 27, 2015

Above: Walter Schuck (left, Kurt Schulze and Joe Peterburs. This was when the two former enemies first met decades after Peterburs shot Schuck down, after he had just shot down his fourth B-17 in his last mission. Kurt flew as wingman with Schuck in JG-5 before Schuck went on to fly jets.

Above: "Escort Fury"depicts Joe Peterburs when he shot down Walter Schuck, ending his war.

Walter with Joe Peterburs, who shot his Me-262 down in 1945

Walter signing his bookplates for our Me-262 Stormbird limited edition

Walter Schuck was one of the Luftwaffe's best. He shot down 208 enemy aircraft, with his last 8 scored flying the Me-262 jet. He scored 4 B-17 kills in a single mission, which was his last mission in 1945. He was shot down by Joseph A. Peterburs in his P-51 Mustang. The two became best of friends. Both were great warriors.

Videos of Walter and Joe together


 Joe Peterburs Video


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Walter's book with signed bookplates in limited supply

Joe Peterburs' autobiography covering his family serving the USA and Germany for 150 years. While Joe was a USAAF fighter pilot in Europe his brothers and father were also serving. He had two cousins who were Luftwaffe pilots, with Heinz Peterburs earning the Knight' Cross.

Joe's career, being shot down and a German POW, escaping, and then fighting with the Soviets near Berlin, then flying in the Korean War, and later serving in Vietnam is fantastic reading. He had family also serving in Korea as well.

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