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Gary Sinise Foundation


For over thirty years, Gary Sinise has stood as an advocate of America’s servicemen and women. It began in the early 80’s with his support of Vietnam veterans and continued into the 90’s working on behalf of the Disabled American Veterans organization. Since the attacks of 9/11, his dedication to all those who protect our nation has become a tireless crusade of support, service and gratitude.

His portrayal of Lt. Dan Taylor in the landmark film Forrest Gump formed an enduring connection with servicemen and women throughout the military community. After several USO handshake tours, Sinise formed the “Lt. Dan Band” in 2003. The band now performs for military bases, charities and fundraisers supporting wounded heroes, Gold Star families, veterans and troops around the world.

In 2011, Sinise established the Gary Sinise Foundation to expand upon his individual efforts. He also serves as spokesperson for the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial Foundation and was instrumental in raising funds for both the Pentagon Memorial in Washington, D.C. and the Brooklyn Wall of Remembrance in NYC. He resides on executive councils for the Medal of Honor Foundation and the USO and is an advisory board member with Hope for the Warriors. In recognition of his humanitarian work, Sinise has earned many distinguished awards including the Bob Hope Award for Excellence in Entertainment from the Medal of Honor Society, the Spirit of the USO Award, the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, the Spirit of Hope Award by the Department of Defense and, most recently, the Dwight D. Eisenhower Award from the National Defense Industrial Association. In 2008, he was given the Presidential Citizens Medal, the second-highest civilian honor awarded to citizens for exemplary deeds performed in service of the nation. He is only the third actor ever to receive this honor. Sinise was also named an Honorary Chief Petty Officer by the Navy and an Honorary Marine by the United States Marine Corp.

We are in regular contact with his foundation and are working to events. Please visit his website to learn more about the Gary Sinise Foundation, what they do, and who they serve.

  Medal of Honor Society and Support with Major General James E. Livingston, USMC (Ret)


 We are a unique husband and wife literary team. Colin taught as a professor for several years, and now writes full time, while Anne completed her masters degree in International Relations/Transnational Security Issues and Peacekeeping, and also writes and edits. She is the co-author of several books.

 In memory of the late Joe Tobul. This was hisF4U-4 Corsair. Joe flew his last flight at an airshow that ended tragically, and he is remembered fondly.

Over the last three decades we have collectively interviewed over 400 veterans from almost every major conflict in the last century, and Anne has photographed many veterans, as we gathered their stories, and preserved their memories and attended the air shows. We also have a few celebrities and sports stars in the collection, which is yet to be completed.

 Above: Colin was given rides on several of the vintage aircraft when he covered the 60th Anniversary of the Doolittle Raiders Reunion in 2002. Here he is with the crew chief of Panchito after a formation flight, with great photos taken over Lake Murray.

We are completely apolitical in our works. We have focused upon publishing the very unique experiences of some of the bravest men in military history, regardless of their nationality or political viewpoints, and whenever possible in their own words.

Above: Panchito crew chief on the starboard fifty waist gun during the memorial formation flight of the B-25's during the airshow.

Recipients of the Knight's Cross (also with the Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds), French Legion of Honor, Croix de Guerre, Victoria Cross, Medal of Honor and even a Pour le Merite (Blue Max) recipient are included within the interview collection.

Colin also had the great luck to interview several military snipers (as he was also one), such as GySgt Carlos Hathcock (93 kills Vietnam)  and Cpl. Matthaeus Hetzenaur (345 kills, WW II), and Pieter Krueler (over 100 kills in the 2nd Boer War and WW I in Africa).

Look for another future book, tentatively titled Hitler's Inner Circle, for the first person comments and observations of Hitler, Goering, Himmler, Bormann and others in the hierarchy from the Germans who knew them, all from Colin's interviews! See them in the photos section.  

Anne's expertise is in the photography, visual and digital editing and proofing of the works. Colin's forte has always been conducting interviews from those persons who served during a century of conflict, such as the 2nd Boer War (1899-1902) such as teenager Piet Krueler, World War I veterans (1914-1918, also Krueler, Ernst Junger, Ray Brooks, Hans Baur, Douglas Campbell), Spanish Civil War (also Krueler and several German pilots such as Adolf Galland,Eduard Neumann, Gustav Roedel, Hajo Herrmann, etc.).

 Above: Another view from the right waist gun position

World War II's great heroes were also interviewed, such as many Luftwaffe pilots (see photos section), as well as U-Boat commanders like Otto Kretschmer, Reinhard Herdegan, Peter Erich Cremer, Erich Topp, among others; Waffen SS and Wehrmacht Heer Knight's Cross holders (or higher awards) such as Otto Kumm, Otto Carius, Ernst Barkmann, Wolfgang Koltermann, Heinz Reverchon, Will Fey, Paul Eggar, Leon Degrelle, Max Wunsche, Albert Kerscher, Paul Eggar, Wil Fey, etc.

American, British, and Japanese World War II pilots, bomber pilots and fighter aces, Medal of Honor recipients, two Victoria Cross holders (Reid and Singh), Korean War and Vietnam veterans, to the present day. See the photos section where images and short biographies of these remarkable people may be located.

Other examples of important interviews are the last persons who were still alive for interviews who were in Hitler's bunker in Berlin when the end came, such as SS Sgt. Rochus Misch, Traudl Junge, Gerda Christian, SS. Lt. Col. Otto Gunsch, Lt. Gen. Hans Baur, etc, Hitler Youth Leader Artur Axmann, or civilians and paramilitary personnel running guerrilla and commando operations in Africa, Asia and Europe.

We also have fighter aces from the USA, UK, Germany and Japan, POWs from many wars and nations, as well as Holocaust survivors. See our photo gallery where most of these subjects are featured, along with short biographies.

 Above: Lt. Gen. Gunther Rall and Anton Weiler during the 2002 reunion in Cologne. Weiler discussed the trip to Egypt for the Marseille tribute with Edu Neumann and the JG-27, JG-53 pilots in 1989, and Gunther was playing dead, as Colin took the photo.

See The German Aces Speak (Vol. 1), which has full length interviews with Walter Krupinski, Adolf Galland, Wolfgang Falck, and Eduard Neumann complete with their personal photographs. Three of these interviews (Galland, Falck, Krupinski) were published in World War II magazine years ago, in abbreviated format. These in the book are the full length versions. Some of them may be found at http://www.historynet.com/.

Edu Neumann's interview is brand new, and has great insights into the war, and a great personal narrative of his greatest subordinate, Hans-Joachim Marseille. Many of these comments are also in the forthcoming book on Marseille, due out in October 2012.

Future volumes in this Aces Speak series will follow containing interviews with other Luftwaffe aces. The aces and other subjects in the future volumes are all located in the photos section with short biographies.

Many of the aviators' personal data in our collection was donated by the late author, historian and pilot Jeffrey L. Ethell, and we want to ensure that Jeff gets all the appropriate credit, as he and Colin joined forces in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Jeff is missed very much, and his aviation books are classics, and highly recommended.

 Above: Colin and Bob Wilson during the 2002 Doolittle Raiders Reunion. Bob was a Pacific Theater B-25 pilot, later a commercial airline pilot, whose interview was published, and it was one of the funniest interviews conducted. Bob passed away in 2007, and he is missed very much.  He was a great American and adventurer.

We also wish to give author, editor and good friend Jon Guttman all the credit due for his many years of assistance. His collection of great interviews will hopefully be included into the aces anthology of books, with Jon as co-author. Jon was also a guest historian on several episodes of "Dogfights" as a WW I aviation expert.

Jon is the best in the field on WW I, and his extensive knowledge of WW II aviation and interviews with aces from many nations outside the UK, USA and Germany are incredible, and his body of work is remarkable, and his WW I aviation books published by Osprey are highly suggested reading.

We would also like to mention our friend and fellow historian author Dr. Bryan Mark Rigg, whose books may also be found online. Thanks to Bryan's many interviews, much of the data collected was corroborated from his sources. He is the man, read his books, such as Hitler's Jewish Soldiers, and Rescued from the Reich.

 Above: Photo taken in formation flight from the right waist gunner position over Lake Murray in 2002

Historian Barrett Tillman was also a guest on many episodes of the Dogfights series, and his books are also good reading for enthusiasts and historian alike. They are also highly recommended and available online. We look forward to working with him in the future. Jon Guttman was also a guest historian on Dogfights, and is the world's foremost author on WW I aviation topics. See his series of books published by Osprey.

Whether the stories are from from the cockpits of fighters and bombers, to the cramped quarters of a U-Boat or a tank, or deep in a jungle, in an isolated desert, on a wind swept mountain, from the back of a horse under small arms and artillery fire, under a parachute behind enemy lines, or even Holocaust survivors and POWs living behind wire and fences, their gripping experiences come to life.

We have found that success in writing and publishing is not just the quality of the product that you have to offer, but also finding the right agent, having the passion for your subject, and then having the right publisher for your works. When these ingredients come together, it is a pleasurable experience.

We are fortunate to have Dr. Gayle Wurst of Princeton International Agency for the Arts as our representative. Much of our success is due to her efforts and expertise as not only an agent, but also as a military history editor and author.

We sell only the books that we or our associates write exclusively, and are signed by us, and if possible, by other interviewed subjects, and all will be customized if requested and shipped anywhere in the world. Buy any 9 books, get 1 book free of charge, excluding postage charges.

Each new book we publish will be made available here as a signed option.  They are (and will also be) available in bookstores and online from Barnes & Noble, Waterstones (UK) and Amazon (among other sellers), but these are unsigned. Buy from us and they will be autographed, or book plates bearing the authors' signatures may be ordered. 

We will be offering 100 signed, and numbered limited edition copies of Noble Warrior with signed bookplates by many of the 2/4 Marines who served with Livingston in Vietnam. These will be sold for much higher prices as collectibles, with all sales going to 2/4. These will be auctioned off starting at $100.00 each, with a certificate of authenticity, bearing the printed names of all signatories.

We will also offer the invitation (on a limited basis) to a few of our friends who are authors, who do not have websites, to sell their signed books on our website. These are fellow veterans, or authors working for our agent, who contribute to the Wounded Warrior Project, or other worthwhile charities.

We also want to acknowledge Cy Stapleton, of the House of Gutenberg, for his allowing us to use photos from his collection over the years, and for his great friendship. Cy will also be selling our books, so whether you purchase from either of us, you will be helping our veterans.

We will accept our books that have been previously published and purchased elsewhere, and should you wish them to be signed please add return postage. We also have the additional option of selling signed bookplates for you to insert at $20.00 each for Noble Warrior (for all three sigs), and $10.00 for the other books, no postage needs to be added.

Please note that 25% of our net sales on all books will be donated to such charities as the Wounded Warriors Project, Disabled American Veterans, Fisher House and all proceeds from the limited edition copies of Noble Warrior will also go to support the 2/4 Memorial Foundation, and to assist those veterans in returning to civilian life. Please keep this in mind when ordering your books. They make great gifts as well! Our veterans deserve all the help we can give them.

Colin taught university and college history for many years, and was a guest historian on one episode of the TV History Channel series Dogfights Season 2, Secret Weapons with Barrett Tillman and Me-163 Komet pilot Rolf Glogner (see two part episode video in the "Links" section). He was also a frequent guest on the Joey Reynolds Show on WOR710 FM Fox along with Dr. Bryan Mark Rigg.

Anne is also a professional photographer, working for and with many celebrities, such as superstar musician Wynton Marsalis, and notable veterans' groups, such as the Black Sheep Squadron, Celebrate Freedom Foundation, the Tuskegee Airmen, 2nd Bn 4th Marines "Magnificent Bastards," and the Doolittle Raiders. Her works have been published in various magazines, and her edits of our photos may be seen in some the books we write and sell.

Anne-Marie was ordained as an honorary Black Sheep by Fred Losch, and Colin had the honor bestowed upon him by Greg Boyington, and Colin and Anne are also honorary "Magnificent Bastards" of the 2nd Battalion 4th Marines, courtesy of Maj. Gen. James E. Livingston and Brig. Gen. William Weise.

Anne-Marie also received her BA and MA degrees with Honors in International Relations from American Military University. Her primary research is in the field of international law, focusing upon human rights abuses and violations against women and children.

We will have additional books being published in the near future, covering many aspects of military history, history, international law/laws of warfare, political science and biography.

We are especially interested in having the Geneva Convention of 1949 revised into a more timely and relevant document. Colin's book Occupation and Insurgency addressed these issues during WW II on the Eastern Front, and has been highly acclaimed internationally as a benchmark work.

 This book (like Anti-Partisan Warfare in Europe) also has abbreviated interviews Colin conducted with senior SS officers (see photo section), as well as guerrillas and partisans, two terms he successfully defined as being separate and distinct both historically and legally, depending upon their political ambitions.

Look for another book by Colin, Anne-Marie and Dr. Steven Greer, related to this topic related to the current war on terrorism in the future. This will be the benchmark work to address Geneva and Hague, and force a reevaluation of those laws for warfare in the modern age.

Also look for future World War II books containing full length interviews with US, Japanese, German, and British Commonwealth WW II combat pilots, soldiers, as well as U-Boat commanders and crews, Waffen SS soldiers, partisans and guerrillas across Europe.

The biography of centenarian and commando Pieter Arnoldus Krueler, a 2nd Boer War, WW I (Africa) and Spanish Civil War veteran will be forthcoming in the future, as just one of the many future projects to be released. 

Colin will also be releasing a book tentatively titled Battle of Spion Kop: The Most Dangerous Acres on Earth with co-author Robert Daniels, so look for that book in the near future.

Many of the short interviews with notable persons were published in World War II, Aviation History, and Military History magazines over the last two decades. The forthcoming series of books will be the full length interviews, unabridged and packed with photos.

The photos posted on this site are most (but not all) of the notable historical figures with whom we have had the great privilege of establishing long and lasting friendships.

Many of these great people are now deceased, but their stories are chronicled. Other photos and data will be posted as we come across them in this ongoing process. Go to the "links" section and see our joint book sellers, associates, and even some videos related to our website, interviews, associates, and products.

Colin is also a certified tutor in over 40 subjects, and is registered with Wyzant. Please go to the "links" section and locate the Wyzant.com website to register for his services.

We hope you enjoy reading and collecting the books as much as we enjoyed chronicling the lives, and the history, of some of the most interesting people we have ever known. We appreciate your business, and your interest. Remember the veterans!

Welcome aboard!

Colin and Anne-Marie


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